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Mastering the art of surviving and thriving !

Life is all about juggling different balls. The more balls you are juggling, the more challenging it becomes and the test lies in not dropping a single one. Mastering the skills require real efforts to develop synchronization between mind, body and soul. More than a billion people are living in the same world but all of them having different types of balls to juggle – these balls may be work, passion, family, education or any other thing. A lot many people just go through life with no aim and leaving no impact on the world but a very few think about changing it for the betterment of others. Depending upon the way you want to live, you would be choosing your balls to juggle.

At times circumstances try to shape us and if we are not internally strong, we will get shaped the way these circumstances want us to but only with our strong will power we can not only push the circumstances to be shaped in our way but we would come out more stronger from tough situations. Life is full of crest and troughs – at times you just have to wait for the storm to go other times you may see clear sky and a clear path ahead and can easily rush through. The key to success lies in mastering the art of making judgment and hitting the nail.

Three pillars of success !

What makes a person a champion whether he / she is a singer, an artist, a student, a teacher or a business man or any other professional you think of. Some say hard work, some say talent, some give credit to luck bla bla. Lots of things to say, we can keep on talking on this and never come precisely on what exactly is required.

Whatever you do! To become a champion only three things are required to be worked on (make your life easier) Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.

Knowledge plays its role as of foundation, basic building block and also supports the other two pillars.

Skills help in doing things effectually and plays a very visible role in dominating over others and becoming competent (like communication and presentation skills help in convincing others and taking the edge).

Attitude plays a front line role and is a major driver for converting potential energy into kinetic energy.

If you have K and S but negative A then still a lot remains to be done for achieving success. Attitude is one thing that is very common in its application whatever form of field or application is whether it be sports, job, teaching that’s why one must have something to do to get the attitude right, that something can be sports or religion whether one is a student, teacher, sportsman, doctor, engineer, scientist; good thing about attitude is, in every field almost the same sort of attitude (positive) required to achieve success (as they rightly say “ATTITUDE DRIVES TO ALTITUDE”), so if you have been a good sportsman and right now doing a job that will certainly be a strong point for having success in your hands.

Knowledge and skills define the area of expertise, specialization and field in which you are playing. To be the champion in your field, you have to strengthen these pillars, not only by gaining knowledge and mastering skills but also by being creative, which will help in exploring new avenues and new knowledge.

Creativity and innovation has played major contribution in the lives of individuals and nations for taking edge; it has proved to be the only short cut available for success.

Knowledge not only supports vertically but also horizontally by supporting and strengthening the other two pillars. Having knowledge of your field will help you strengthening your skills and developing a positive frame of mind with attitude.

One important thing that yet remains to be discussed is VISION which interconnects all the three pillars.